Deborah Solo

folk-inspired original music

      Deborah Solo is joined by Kari Clifton, cellist, and Chadzilla Johnson, percussionist, to form the Deborah Solo Trio. Solo writes original, folk-inspired music that is both meaningful and accessible. Clifton and Johnson bring exceptional sonic depth to Solo’s work through their expertise and creativity. The trio’s unique combination of instruments, three-part vocal harmony and talent make for a great, musically intricate show. Their modern indie-rock interpretation of the folk genre is emblematic of the Colorado spirit. The Deborah Solo Trio had their debut performance on April 4, 2015 at the amazing Tuft Theater at Swallow Hill and has performed for many public and private events since. Most notably, they opened for the nationally acclaimed band Over the Rhine at Daniel's Hall and they performed as a featured group in the song-writer series for the Chief Theater in Steamboat Springs.  The Trio completed a full length studio album at Sawtelle Studios, Real Love, that was released Sept. 1, 2017. Check out the music tabs to listen to the album in it’s entirety. Please click "Gigs" for a complete list of their performance experience. Please click “Contact and Booking” for more information. 

      Solo has been performing as a singer-songwriter since she was a teen. She got her start in the coffee houses and open mic nights of Ann Arbor, Michigan. With almost two decades of experience, she still approaches songwriting as a story-teller first, true to the folk genre she is influenced by. Her songs range in tone from heartbreaking to joyous, and are always performed with a wholehearted and honest style. Her newest set of songs reflect on her relationships as a mother, which is a perspective she believes is underrepresented in popular music. She is trained as a classical singer, has her Bachelor of Music Education from MSU Denver, and is a proud member of the Swallow Hill Music School Faculty.



Kari Clifton is also the cellist for popular Denver based quartet, Spinphony. She is also a cellist for the Diamond Empire Band.

Photography: Kathleen Bracken Photography