Musician, Songwriter, YA Fiction Writer, and Teacher

Located in the Denver, Colorado area

This is New

I finally wrote the novel of my dreams. Since April of 2019, I have poured all my creative energy and time into my manuscript. Every chance I can steal—usually while my kids are sleeping—I am in my dinning room at my laptop, writing and editing as if under a spell. Please check the author tab to learn all about the novel and my current journey to become a published author!


Deborah Solo Trio

Available for Hire

Deborah Solo Trio is perfect for private parties, weddings, festivals, breweries, restaurants, and concert venues alike. They are true professionals and always offer a fun, all ages show with custom set lists depending on your needs.

Upcoming Shows

You may notice we don’t have many public shows lined up. Don’t worry, we’re still booking! We’re just focusing on songwriting and recording for the moment. Please check back or follow us on your favorite social media platform to make sure you don’t miss our next show!


Am I Blogging it Right?

Tips on songwriting, excerpts of my work, and details about my ongoing journey as fiction writer.