Real Love

by the Deborah Solo Trio

Our full length album, Real Love, was released on Sept. 1, 2017. Many songs are inspired by my lovely kids and the perspective I’ve gained as I’ve entered my thirties. We hope you love it! It is available for purchase in Itunes and we would be honored if you decide to buy it. Click HERE to purchase in ITunes. You can also help us out by following us on your favorite streaming site, such as Soundcloud, Spotify, or Itunes Radio. Thanks for listening!

Copyright Deborah Solo Collins 2017. All songs written by Deborah Solo. Arrangements by all members of the Deborah Solo Trio (Deborah Solo Collins, Kari Clifton, and Brian Nelson). Engineered by Brain Hunter at Sawtelle Recording Studio in Denver. Produced by Deborah Solo with creative input from Brian Nelson, Kari Clifton, and Brian Hunter. Cover Art by Brian Nelson.